What We do

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) touches the lives of every citizen and visitor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Treating and handling the municipal waste is essential to ensure healthier lifestyle, to safeguard the environment and equally important to preserve the country’s resources and raw material.

In a joint effort and commitment between government, private sector and citizens, SIRC is developing a new ecosystem to meet the Kingdom’s ambition of diverting away from landfills and establish a recycling percentage of 81% of the waste generated. This will position the Kingdom in the top of the global leaders in recycling.

Saudi is the world’s leader in the oil & gas industry and SIRC is committed to reflect that leadership in implementing the best available waste management and treatment technologies in that field while achieving the highest levels of circular economy.

SIRC’s industrial company GEMS is the regional market leader in the Industrial Waste sector and has it’s presence in KSA including Jubail, Dammam, Rabigh, Johfa, Yanbu, Jeddah, Riyadh and Jazan.

Beside the main volumes of municipal and industrial waste SIRC invests in solutions that cover typical waste streams amongst others car tires, electrical waste, batteries and plastic etc.

Each waste stream demands a special approach and unique business model that SIRC is committed to ensure through strategic partnerships with the local and international private players and innovators.

SIRC established a strong engineering capability under it’s subsidiary SIRC Technology Solutions.

SIRC Technology solutions provide EPC management services focused on recycling facilities and technologies. With engineering offices in Riyadh, Dubai and India SIRC Technology Solutions manage the construction and maintenance of recycling facilities to meet SIRC’s ambitious strategy.